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Opus Clinic BreastPlan


Breast Enlargement cost - Breast augmentation prices

Our guarantee:

  • All-inclusive prices: Our prices - rates include all costs for breast enlargement: admission fees, medical fees, breast implants, sedation, and all our aftercare following the operation.
  • Every additional intake consultation is free of charge.
  • There's a Lifelong year guarantee against breast implant leakage.
  • FREE yearly Breast Checkups with ultrasound

Special offers! Save up to 40% on usual rates!

Temporary price offers: Please make your reservation before 31/March /2020

Just Arrived: MOTIVA breast implants

2690 MENTOR  LIMITED OFFER..( Normal price 3500 euro)

EUR 2850 Breast Enlargement: Mentor ® Silicone Cohesive: Sizes ranging from 200 cc to 420 cc

Consultation 50 EUR

Change of silicone implants with Mentor ® Silicone Soft  between 200 cc and 500cc  is 3500 EUR

Breast augmentation: Saline-filled implants 2950 EUR   under local anaesthesia with intensive vital sign monitoring.

We are very experienced to perform Breast Augmentation under local anaesthetic if you would prefer at no extra cost.

General anaesthesia additional cost: 450 EUR

NEW Innovative Breast augmentation: B-Lite Implants® 5450 EUR

NEW Lipostructure Coleman method: Breasts Augmentation - under sleep sedation   With your own body fat..3500 EUR

Health Insurance Reimbursement
Many patients are entitled to a payment or reimbursement from their health insurers. Some patients are entitled to total or partial reimbursement, others may first need to approach their health insurer to obtain their agreement / or authorization. The prices quoted are for the minimum cost of the procedure. The doctor will inform you about the possibilities during your intake consultation.


Motiva Implant Matrix® SilkSurface® is a unique surface texture obtained without the use of foreign materials such as salt or sugar and designed for a better biocompatibility 3,4. Additionally, these nano-surfaces promote a more natural interaction between the implant and the surrounding tissue, allowing the implant to better adapt to the natural movement of the breast. 3,4

Our proprietary SilkSurface® with its NanoSurface Technology™ does not adhere to surrounding tissue, so, therefore, allows the implant to better adapt to the natural movement of the breast and eliminates the abrasion related to salt or sugar texturing that can occur in physically active women.

Latest Innovations

Q Inside Safety Technology™ VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology™, a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder, is the world’s first FDA cleared micro-transponder for use in humans and the only one that holds a CE-Mark when used in a breast implant. Including Q Inside Safety, Technology™ allows healthcare providers to perform a secure and accurate identification of a breast implant from outside of the body, at the point of care. Q Inside Safety Technology™ consists of a biocompatible micro-transponder programmed with a unique numeric sequence (15 digits) that is accessed via a proprietary handheld reader when waved over the breast area. The 15-digit number delivered to the reader corresponds with a secure, online database that can be accessed via the Internet and by authorized personnel.

Itinerary: How to reach us 

By Train

The Surgical Clinic is just a 45-minute taxi from our train station. Train Information

Car Rental BrusselsBy Car

The Opus Clinic is centrally located between the Netherlands – Belgium – Germany, and easily accessible from the main motorway

By plane:

Nearby international airports are:

  • Brussels (Belgium): 50 minutes away by train or car
  • Eindhoven airport
  • Schiphol (the Netherlands): 2 hours away by car

If you wish we can organise a taxi service for you ( at an additional cost). UBER is an option in big cities.

Feel absolutely FREE to ask for the Breastplan