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Deliberations at Opus Clinics

Every person is different, every patient in particular. Whether you opt for a surgical procedure of breast, nose, body, face or legs or interested in non-surgical wrinkle injections, a volume structure, - at the Opus Clinic, there are no standard procedures or drawers -Solutions.

With us you are sure always that our medical specialists and staff get an accurate picture of your personal wishes and ideas, discuss with you every detail of the medical feasibility and develop a tailor-made treatment concept.

You will also receive from us according to your wishes and treatment one to two 30-45 minute long individual consultations, where you will be given important time to ask questions extensively to express wishes and to be able to get a picture of our experts.  Because beauty is in good hands is not only medical precision during surgery, but a holistic approach to treatment.

"Only through a detailed consultation and preliminary examination can we plan how to act with thoughtfulness, a precise concept"

To simplify the step for an individual consultation, we offer close to home counseling in one of our many special advice centers. So you can be sure that you can perceive a qualified advice in your area easily. Depending on the engagement request we recommend one of our specialists nearby an Opus Center.

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Surgeon Direct UK : +44 2035143180

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Contact number +44 7418433864





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