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Hair loss treatments

Most innovative hair restoration procedure in experienced hands at the Opus Hair Clinic : Follicular Unit Extraction


FUE method

Follicular Unit Extraction better known by its acronym “FUE”, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic treatments for those who are looking to regain a thick layer of hair on their head. The method of treatment involves obtaining follicular units, which are the naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. In this treatment, one’s own hair is transplanted and that also without leaving any ugly scar. Moreover, it also has an advantage of very short recovery periods—you can even drive home just hours after the treatment! The treatment is carried out without using scalpel or sutures.

Advantages of "FUE"

The main advantage of the FUE method is that a patient is not exposed to risks such as large scars and/or pain, which is frequently associated with other treatments like FUT/strip technique. FUE Hair Restoration is ideal for the treatment of both incipient and advanced hair loss.

Hair transplant and hair thickening

Each year, the treatment numbers are growing in the field of hair restoration surgery. With increasing life expectancy and physical fitness into old age, the desire is connected, so young and vital look, how you feel. Hair loss is a common problem in men and women and the well-being compromised exceptionally strong. For many years, the hair restoration surgery has proven to be an effective means to restore the own scalp hair.

Expiration of a hair transplant

A hair transplant is basically nothing more than a re-distribution: To do this we make us the natural resistance of the back of the head hair from the hair loss hormone DHT advantage: During the treatment parts of your hair are taken from the back of the head, either individually or several at the same time per strip technology, and high-performance microscopes prepared. This smallest units of the hair with one to four roots, also called "grafts" or hair transplants are divided on the area to be treated and then transplanted to small skin openings on the bald or lights expectant points - up to 6,000 hairs in a single session . Here your hair structure and growth direction plays an essential role.You can talk during the treatment with our team or sit back to listen to music or reading a book.

Duration of treatment

Depending on the hair situation and the required number of transplants does the procedure take between three and eight hours. Furthermore, the duration of treatment by the method used (depends FUE / FUT ) from. A FUT is always performed in one day. For larger FUE interventions of more than 1,400 transplants a treatment over 2 days is usually necessary.

Hair transplantation at what age?

Almost all people suffering from hair loss men - 95 percent - are affected by hereditary hair loss. This often begins before age 20, but may also only occur between the fourth and fifth decade of life. Prognoses are usually based on genetic predisposition, hair color, thickness and structure. Hair loss in women is rarer. Only about 30 percent of patients also suffer from the hereditary form. While men retain a crown of hair in most cases, in women the hair line will remain, but the hair is thin overall.An age limit does not exist typically. In patients under 23, however, must be carefully examined whether a hair transplantation is helpful and useful at this time. Our experienced consultants analyze hair in a personal consultation, therefore, not only the current hair situation, but give as a qualified forecast about the future course of hair loss from. The only way to find out the best individual for each patient solution.

The causes of hair loss called in the jargon "alopecia" - - and its development can be very different.

  • The androgenetic alopecia causes a shortened growth phase of the hair so that this barely visible developed. There are two reasons: The first is the metabolite of the male sex hormone (dihydrotestosterone), which inhibits the hair root in their function. The second is an inherited predisposition. The likelihood that your maternal grandfather also suffers from hair loss is very great, because the responsible gene defect is inherited through the mother.
  • The circular hair loss occurs in the form of round spots and localized. Underlying this is an inflammatory hair disorder in which an autoimmune process engages the entire hair apparatus. In some people, the hair grow back, in other cases, the disease leads to complete hair loss.
  • The diffuse hair loss describes a hair thinning over the entire head. This occurs in large amounts in women and is often associated with hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, stress or infections.An intake of vitamins and minerals can relatively quickly lead to an improvement here but. Further, a PRP therapy (autohemotherapy) represent another approach ..

Hair transplantation in bald, receding hairline or light hair

Is your desire rather fill your receding hairline , the tonsure , or rather a consolidation of the eyebrows or the reconstruction of the hairline ? There are a variety of methods that are tailored to your individual situation. Here the primary objective is to achieve the transplantation or optical densification a natural result that suits your personality and makes you as young and dynamic act, how you feel. Is your hair loss greatly progressed, eventually comes a Micro Hair Pigmentation in question, which provides for an optical densification of hair without surgery.

Treatments & techniques: FUE vs. FUT method

  • The FUE method (FUE = Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant then usually comes into question if it is a smaller engagement with a transplant of less than 1,000 follicular units (grafts) and you have straight, thick hair. Here, the removal of the follicle individually. This method is suitable for compaction of your sparse hairlines, eliminating troublesome receding hairline, lamination unsightly scars or to reinforce the men Barts and the eyebrows. The advantage compared to the FUT method: There is not even back a tiny scar in the donor area.
  • The FUT method (FUT = Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplantation is often referred to as the gold standard, because it is not only used most widely because of its flexibility, but also for extensive transplants - up to 3,000 units (6,000 hair) - is suitable. Unlike the FUE method, the follicles are removed through a strip of fabric at the back and not individually. Due to the excellent strike rates and high graft amount, this method is very popular.

What parts of the body hair transplants are possible?

The hair transplantation is basically a redistribution of your hair. Therefore, it is possible to both head hair , beard hair , eyelashes and eyebrows , as well as breast or pubic hair to transplant.

healing process

Already on the day after the procedure, you can basically re-cover your everyday life . However, you must bear in the first few days, if necessary, a question asked by us headgear and may expect swelling. A hat, for example. One easy to carry cap should be worn as a screen in the first seven to ten days, then usually no more scab is present. In an FUT a stringing 2-3 weeks after the hair transplant is necessary , provided that no self-dissolving suture was used. This can easily be done by your GP or at the Opus Clinic. In a FUE no suturing is necessary. If you can not wear headgear at work, you should typically take ten to fourteen days of vacation - for cosmetic reasons. In the first 10 to 14 days after a hair transplant by FUT method extreme physical exertion or contamination of the hair should be avoided. After an FUE physical exertion, and sports are not a problem already 5-7 days after the hair transplant. Direct, strong sunlight, sauna and solarium should be for 2 weeks off limits to you. Avoid it in the first 2-3 weeks after the hair transplant just to go swimming or exercise sports like football or weight training. Within the first 3-4 weeks after the hair transplantation covered about 90% of the transplanted hair is typically due to the operation trauma again made. However, they must therefore not be concerned. The hair follicles remain in the scalp and after 3-6 months of hair growth in the receiver area for the first time is visible. The hair growth is gradual. After 10-12 months the final result is largely visible and treatment outcome can be objectively assessed in the follow-up.

Alternatives to hair transplant

In addition to hair transplantation by FUE - and FUT technique Medical One also provides a treatment method that allows a full hair image without surgery. This innovative method of hair thickening is a purely visual enhancement of the hair situation. In the so-called Microhair pigmentation are our special prohair "Visual Hair Densification" technology (short VHD / dt .: Optical Hair Thickening) injected pigments in the scalp. The process is basically similar to a permanent make-up, but is significantly higher demands on the professional and technical implementation as well as the visual aesthetic result. Precisely for these reasons, MHP is medically accompanied at Opus Clinics and provided under special requirements for quality and hygiene in hospitals and treatment centers. Further advantages of the VHD technology are of a poor care possible optical hair thickening especially long-lasting treatment effect over many years as well as the immediate and very natural looking result without cutting or scars.

Cost hair transplant

The cost of hair transplantation are based on the number of transplanted grafts. Accordingly, our hair consultant to calculate your individual treatment price in the first consultation.

How painful is a hair transplant?

A hair transplantation is virtually painless usually. At the beginning of the treatment is a local anesthetic of the donor area, so you should feel only a Drag (FUT) or punctual Press (FUE) on removal of the strip (FUT) method or the single hair follicle (FUE method). Prior to treatment, you get to relax possibly a sedative. Over the entire duration of the treatment itself, our highly qualified technicians own hair care for your well-being.

Hair Care after hair transplant - what should I look?

You can wash the transplanted hair as well as your other hair, cut, blow dry and color - without optical differences. As long as it explicitly be told by your expert, you arrive at the first shampooing again to our hospital. When you purchase directly after the treatment a special headgear. This you have to bear in the first few days, when you are traveling outside the home in order to protect the surgical field. After that it serves as a screen - after seven to fourteen days is then usually local redness paler and no scabs visible. In the first days after the procedure, you can wash your hair as instructed by our medical professionals at home itself. Written instructions and the necessary shampoos and lotions, for the first episode days, you naturally get handed out by your hair transplant by your treating hair surgeon or medical personnel. Yes. It is your hair which was merely redistributed. Styling of the hair tips with wax or hair gel is again possible already a few days after the hair transplantation, if the application does not occur in direct contact with the scalp.

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