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Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Hair Thickening without surgery

Look much older than you actually are, or feel, and suffer that your hair is getting thinner and bald spots getting bigger? We all lose a day about 70 hairs, but it will be more than 100, regrowth can no longer compensate for the loss and is known as hair loss. Around 45% of all men suffer from androgenetic, the hereditary hair loss, which manifests itself mainly by a receding hairline, a thinning of the hair line or a tonsure at the back. But around 40% of all women are affected by hair loss, mostly from the so-called diffuse hair loss, which manifests itself in a loss of volume and by stress, illness or hormonal changes is triggered. 

Treatment for Hair Thickening

In addition to hair transplantation by FUE and FUT technique  Medical One now offers a novel treatment method that allows a full hair image without surgery. This innovative method of hair thickening is a purely visual enhancement of the hair situation. In the so-called Micro hair Pigmentation our special prohair “Visual Hair Densification” technology (short VHD / dt .: Optical Hair Thickening) injected pigments in the scalp.The process is basically similar to a permanent make-up, but is significantly higher demands on the professional and technical implementation as well as the visual aesthetic result. Precisely for these reasons, MHP is medically accompanied at Opus Clinics and provided under special requirements for quality and hygiene in hospitals and treatment centers of Opus Clinics. Further advantages of the prohair VHD technology are of a poor care possible optical hair thickening especially long-lasting treatment effect over many years as well as the immediate and very natural looking result without cutting or scars.

Talk to our specialists about the suited treatment and seek advice about the benefits and possibilities of MHP!

shutterstockMicro Hair Pigmentation: Hair Thickening before after


Are you a good candidate for a MHP?

MHP can you regardless of the type of hair loss help – so in addition to the hereditary even in diffuse, sickness or alopecia areata – and is the ideal method especially for patients who have a hair transplantation for medical reasons is not feasible or not the desired result can. Even for patients who want simply no surgical intervention, we have with MHP now an equally promising alternative solution in the program as for patients who want to further optimize the results of their hair transplant care. The possibilities are many and can be roughly divided into three areas of application:

  • Completely Bald: The visually simulated stubble treatment outcome acts as natural as a modern shaving. The special arrangement of the pigments gives the head a seemingly realistic 0.5mm interface.
  • Light hair : MHP is the ideal treatment for sparse, thinning or thin hair. The visible bald head positions are precisely pigmented, so that the hair looks thicker and fuller.
  • Scars : Visible scar tissue can be optically adapted to the rest of the scalp. Thus, the entire scar area to the viewer is made ​​nearly invisible. 

Review for MHP

Before treatment

  • Individual advice: Before each treatment, our experts carry out a personal type analysis.
  • Determination of hairline / hair line: Important basis for an optimal treatment result is a natural-looking hairline, as this area is the most visible of our environment. With an eye pencil, our specialists draw a recommended hairline.
  • One week prior to treatment you should strong sunlight and UV radiation and avoid also to peels or dermabrasion do without (toupee wearer must be permanently removed prior to treatment her hairpiece in August!).
  • 24 hours before the treatment we recommend to refrain from coffee, tea, soft drinks with caffeine and other stimulant ingredients. Also vasodilators and drugs such as alcohol, aspirin and seafood, spicy foods and large amounts of raw meat should be avoided.

first treatment

  • The treatment takes place in our special treatment rooms under sterile conditions. Frequently a shave of existing hair is necessary that we carry out on the spot. We then degrease with a special lotion the surface of the scalp and prepare optimal for the procedure before.
  • The treatment itself lasts depending on the size and density of the area between one and three hours. 

After treatment

  • In the three days after your treatment, you should not wash the pigmented area. 
  • From day four you should apply for ten days is special care that we recommend. 
  • To promote the healing process and to ensure you should avoid alcohol, excessive UV irradiation, sauna and swimming pool visits and dry cold for eight days. Also, you should refrain from removing the resulting as a result of pigmentation skin crust by rubbing or scratching their own.

Other treatments

  • For best results, the treatment is repeated three to four times at intervals of one to two weeks. 
  • Round one to one and a half years after the fourth treatment, we decide in the next search jointly whether a pigment refresh (a so-called. Refresh date) is useful. we recommend more boosters also every four to five years.

What are the benefits Microhairpigmentation over traditional hair transplantation?

MHP can be used both as a complementary, ie complementary treatment for hair transplant or as a sole method. So it is in most cases a matter of individual hair situation and your personal expectations, which is the more suitable of the two procedures to fulfill your desire treatment. So MHP example, can also be used for applications where a hair transplantation is not an option, for example. If the donor area of ​​hair wreath insufficient, inappropriate or quality of hair loss extremely advanced is already (Completely Bald). Here deceives our special method of different density and thick stubble in different shades before, so that the overall picture looks much fuller. 

What side effects to be reckoned with after a MHP?

After the pigmentation is at best a slight redness, but disappears completely after a few days. Talk to our hair specialists on the appropriate treatment for you method and follow any advice about the benefits and possibilities of MHP!