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Labia Minora Reduction

Labia Reduction Surgery

Labia reduction: cosmetic plastic surgery to correct the labia / labia reduction. Labia which are too large can easily be corrected. Labia surgery (labia reduction, labiaplasty) is the most common operation in genital cosmetic surgery.

Labia reduction

The most common operation in genital cosmetic surgery

If you think that your labia are too big and as a result feel less attractive then a plastic surgical procedure can offer the solution.

Labia reductions are often performed at The Opus Clinic. You don't need to hesitate!

Labia reduction is a day treatment performed under local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation, depending on your personal preference.

Most ladies choose a local anaesthetic and return home soon after the procedure. If you choose for intravenous sedation, then after your treatment you will be taken to one of our patient rooms until you wake up from the anaesthetic, you can go home the same evening.

Labia surgery

You can choose the size of your labia yourself. However it is important to remember the biological function of the labia minora. They protect the vaginal orifice when we spread our legs. Therefore overcorrection is best avoided. During the procedure, the inner lips of the vulva are reduced or made to look more symmetrical. Although the procedure is usually aesthetic to improve vaginal self-image, it may also be advised because of pain during intercourse, cycling or sport.

Sometimes abnormalities need to be corrected such as severe overgrowth, asymmetry or scarring. We focus on the patient's wishes. Scars are minimal and normally not visible. Sensitivity is normally not affected. Remember: psychological and relational components of dysfunctional vaginal experience can neither be caused, nor treated by surgery.

Labia surgery: procedures

  • Labia reduction: reduction of excess skin from the small (inner labia, labia minora) labia and/or the large (external labia, labia majora) labia.
  • Labiaplasty: Reduction of the small labia using a V-shaped incision. A more extensive technique which retains a little of the external darker skin by removing more of the internal skin.
  • Clitoris reduction: If desired excess skin can be surgically removed from the clitoris.

Labia surgery: aftercare

Most patients feel fine immediately after surgery. However, the most common complication is post-operative bleeding the first few hours after surgery. Therefore we urge you to stay at our clinic, or in the area, for at least four hours following surgery.

After the procedure you wear a panty liner. A daily bath or gentle shower ensures quick healing.

The sutures dissolve by themselves so there is no need for physical removal. Normal activity can be recommenced after 2 weeks in case of labia reduction or 4 weeks in case of labiaplasty.

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