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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

slide-cellfinaVampire Lifting

With vampire Lifting against scars, fine wrinkles & sagging skin

If you are are bothered by unwelcome signs of aging, have a rather coarse-pored skin or small scars on the face or neckline? Then, the PRP / Autohemotherapy is a promising treatment method.

Because against all these unpopular aging your can own blood work wonders. This relatively new biotechnological treatment with autologous blood concentrate (Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP short) is a natural therapy, in which the body’s own blood concentrate is injected into the site to be treated accordingly.

The procedure is a simple and safe way to help with the most modern biotechnology the body’s regeneration and healing.

Advantages of the PRP therapy:

  • only a few milliliters of blood needed
  • No allergic reactions
  • Procedure takes only a few minutes
  • Engagement without a scalpel
  • no scars after surgery

But not only as an alternative, but also in combination with known Filler preparations as Hyaluron affects the – also known under the term vampire Lifting – PRP wonders.

The autohemotherapy

Only 8-10 ml of blood are taken from the veins for the treatment with PRP, for a PRP isolation achieved a platelet yield of more than 80 %. This is using a special gel, the blood plasma separated from the other blood components, possible. The sample is centrifuged to concentrate the body’s own platelets in a small amount of plasma. Thereafter, the PRP is ready to be injected in just about 10 minutes.

Subsequently, the body’s own blood is injected using a fine needle in the area to be treated. Scars on the face, décolleté and hands can be reduced by supporting the natural skin regeneration process by injecting autologous blood. Even the reduction of acne scars and stretch marks, this method can be used effectively.

Autohemotherapy at a glance:

  • Removal of 8-10 ml of blood
  • Treatment of blood in a special centrifuge
  • Injections of PRP at the desired zone problem
  • Treatment is repeated every three or six months for optimal results.

The entire treatment takes only 30 minutes and the regeneration takes place in one day. For optimum results and a lasting effect recommend our Specialists multiple (ideally triple) application. Talk best with our specialists about your individual case and appropriate treatment.

When can it be applied, the PRP treatment?

The autologous blood therapy is a frequently requested ability to reduce certain lines at the neckline or around the eyes, and thus as an alternative or in combination with hyaluronic acid treatments applied. In addition, PRP can be ideally used for combating unsightly scars, since it supports the regeneration of the skin. Specific results achieved, the vampire facelift but, when it comes to the radiance of the skin. PRP often creates a Glow or glow effect.

How long will the treatment take?

Treatment with PRP takes of the blood on the preparation to the injections just 30 minutes, and thus a fast and secure method to return their own face or the décolletage new freshness and youthfulness or unsightly scars eliminate (even acne scars).

How much does a vampire facelift cost?

A unique Autohemotherapy cost around 500 euros, but should be used for best results in several consecutive sessions, which are offered as packages at particularly favorable conditions. Talk with our specialists via an individually created and your desires treatment concept.