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Wrinkle Treatment


Wrinkle treatment: fresh and youthful without cutting

More vitality, more performance, more youthfulness: Smooth and beautiful skin provides a range of pleasant associations. Although facial wrinkles are natural aging, but they often leave us unrefreshed, acting unbalanced or dissatisfied, although we are not. They can be avoided using the latest methods or treated effectively – and all without a scalpel, without anesthesia , and more importantly, without scars . Many patients ask: “What really helps against wrinkles?” Medical One offers a rich portfolio to again return your skin’s youthfulness and naturalness that you have long desired

Low-risk wrinkle injections: Possible Treatments

Whether in combination or selectively with one drug: the modern wrinkles and volume therapy begins with the understanding of the possibilities, which is why we want to bring you the following are the main treatments even closer.

The Opus Clinic offers a complete range of advanced Injectables to remove your wrinkles or reduce.Our experienced specialists use only safe and biodegradable materials and gentle techniques.

BOTOX Injections “dynamic” wrinkles Muscle inflammatory, muscle relaxing
HYALURON OR HYALURONIC ACID Volume build in “static” wrinkles and sagging skin A natural component of the skin, is used as Volumenauffüller ( “filler”) to bolster areas of the face again
AUTOLOGOUS BLOOD Injections, support regeneration of the skin, for example, in scar correction Specially prepared, the body’s own blood regenerates tired skin and brings new freshness ( “Glow” effect)
AUTOLOGOUS FAT Injections, where volume is desired.Long lasting effect through endogenous substances Long lasting effect, remain as fat cells grow and be sustainable
COMBINATION OF METHODS Individual treatment concept by the specialist Effective combination of several effects Benefits

As the methods and agents are often combined according to medical indications, our specialists gladly prepare a personally tailored to your treatment plan.

Below you will learn about each method.

Wrinkle Treatment with Botox

One way unloved wrinkles to combat comes in mimic wrinkles such. As the frown lines or crow’s feet used. Botox has a muscle- and thus skin-relaxing effect. The Botox used in many fields of medicine is inputted selectively into the fold causing muscle structures at a wrinkle injection in low dosage. The modern botox treatment still leaves facial expressions, so that no mask-like appearance results.

Ideal is Botox (more precisely, the active ingredient botulinum) especially when it preemptively is introduced into the regions that show signs of creasing. Because the contraction of facial muscles is largely responsible for the formation of wrinkles. If these treated gently and precisely, interfering frown lines, crow’s feet or frown lines can not arise. But already visible wrinkles can be smoothed out successfully with the used in medicine for decades Botox therapy. Shortly after the procedure, you will perceive the harmonization and relaxation of the face, which generally lasts for three to six months .

Wrinkle injections with hyaluronic

Hyaluronic acid (or simply Hyaluron) is a natural component of the skin . It binds water fills spaces between collagen fibers and keeps them so resilient. At the age of Hyalurongehalt the skin decreases, it comes to wrinkles and a schlafferen complexion. By Injectables with the unformulated active ingredient ( “filler”) their moisture is supplied again and regains its youth and freshness.

Who early starts with modern Fillers, counteracts the natural decrease in Hyalurongehalts and delay the aging process significantly further. True miracles hyaluronic acid with already sunken cheeks or hanging mouth. Targeted Injectables your face can completely without surgery, and unsightly scars again the youthful alienation effect (cheekbones are tapered to the chin) are returned.”Facelift without scalpel” – thanks to the professional use of hyaluronic acid, this is nowadays for many patients quickly and with low risk to realize. You will see that you look years younger, fresher and more rested after just one treatment.

Wrinkle Treatment with autologous blood

Autologous blood is a relatively new procedure in plastic and aesthetic surgery, when it comes to the treatment of facial areas. Those who prefer to endogenous preparations for wrinkle treatment intends to rely should by our specialists to the wrinkle injections using autologous blood (PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma) to obtain advice. The preparation of PRP is carried out under sterile conditions and takes a few minutes . The purpose kits used are specifically designed for this treatment and intended for maximum patient safety for single use. The PRP therapy brings the desired freshness out again and leaves many unloved aging disappear.

Besides the established fillers and Eigenfetttbehandlungen we offer these biotechnological treatment with autologous blood concentrate. The platelet-rich plasma method (PRP) is a therapy in which your own blood is injected into the site to be treated. It is an easy and secure way using the latest technology to mobilize the body’s own regeneration and healing. The advantages are obvious: There are only a few milliliters of blood required, allergic reactions can not occur, the procedure takes only a few minutes and runs without cutting and unsightly scars. The resulting gloss effect ( “Glow”) will delight you! But not only as an alternative, but also in combination with known Filler preparations or autologous fat transfer acts as the “vampire facelift known” Autohemotherapy wonders.

Wrinkle injections with autologous fat

Autologous fat can be recycled after liposuction in order to use it profitably at a different location in the body. For example, in the face. Because our fat cells contain very valuable stem cells that help the regeneration. In addition, the removed fat cells dock to the desired areas and give your face permanently back the natural youthfulness. Thus, not only one but two problem areas in just one treatment effectively treated .

Frequently one is autologous fat injections in combination with autologous blood applied to achieve the desired result. The combined treatment is only marginally more expensive than a separate treatment. The autologous fat extraction point is determined by the availability of sufficient fat deposits and by the desire of the patient. For this procedure, the rules of liposuction are with their possible risks and complications. The rate of increase of fat cells is increased by the PRP while wrinkles are reduced. Thus, this procedure is particularly suitable for patients who are already (also called liposuction) to liposuction want to undergo.

What does a wrinkle treatment?

The cost wrinkle treatment depend on the techniques and your individual indications and wishes employed. Small Botox treatments start at 150 euros.Complex combinations of multiple agents for different areas can ever reach the 1,000 euros or more.

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