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Opus Clinic price-guide

Price Guide

Compare Quality / Price: Procedures performed in Private Hospital Med Centre

If you are thinking about having Cosmetic Surgery, you will, of course, want to obtain as much information as possible beforehand, including how much it will cost.

Prices/rates are fully inclusive: admission fees, doctors' fees, anaesthetic and all our aftercare following the procedure.

Until the end of April 2020:



Vaser Liposuction 950 € per region

1 location = belly or thighs (both sides) or love handles or...
These prices are based on the average amount of fat to remove.

Additional locations (per additional location)

1250 €

*550 EUR anaesthetic cost and admission Fee private hospital* once only

Buttock augmentation 2750 EUR

Buttock augmentation by transfer of own fat (Harvest)

1750 € Fat vaserLipo Grafting per region | Transfer €4250


Breast augmentation 2850 € SEBBIN & Natrelle 3450 Euro.


Breast enlargement 2850 € - max 500 cc implant with a lifelong guarantee

Costs of anaesthesia 350 €

Sedation anaesthesia with monitoring & admission fee Hospital

Fat Transfer after Liposuction, creating a Shell of fat around implant...Most Natural feel.and breast design. Treatment price | 6450 Euro

OPUS short scar arm lift Dr Rebin

Body Surgery 3,665 Euro

Axillary ( short scar in the armpit) Arm Lift |  Brazilian Tummy Tuck €3450 Liposuction from € 1250 | Thigh Lift Surgery from € 5,395 Tummy Tuck Surgery from € 3,660 Neo Umbilicoplasty " new belly button " 1850 Euro


Breast Surgery Lift 3450 Euro

Areola Reduction from € 1,660
Breast Asymmetry from € 4,530
Breast Capsulectomy from € 3,450
Breast Enlargement from € 3,530 Motiva Implants
Breast Enlargement With Uplift from € 4,250
Breast Implant Removal from € 1,950
Breast Implant Removal and Replacement from € 4,250

Male Breast Reduction 2500 Euro

Breast Uplift Surgery from € 3,490

Scarless Gynecomastia Surgery from € 2,500
Vaser lipo & Gland Removal ++2950 Euro.

Inverted Nipple Correction from € 1,000
Nipple Reduction from € 1,000


Genital Surgery € 1950

Labia Major Reduction from € 950
Labia Minor Reduction from € 950

Clitoral Cap reduction 1250 EUR
Hymen Reconstruction 950 EUR
Fat Transfer -Filling outer Labia 1850 EUR.
Piercing from 1650 EUR
Pearling Yakuza Genital Beads From 1550 EUR.


Vaginal Rejuvenation Tightening muscles...From 2500 EUR.

Please note that since every patient is different, final prices may vary according to specific individual requirements. This will be discussed with you when you come to us for a consultation.

Combined surgeries If you are interested in more than one procedure, and they can safely be performed at the same time, you may benefit from a 500 EUR reduction in price due to lower hospital fees.

Contact us on London +44 2035143180 or email to find out more.


Prices/rates are *fully inclusive: admission fees, doctors' fees, anaesthetic and all our aftercare following the procedure.

*Rates do not include any VAT. Since January 1, 2016, the VAT exemption for aesthetic surgery and treatments has changed. As a result of this change, the VAT exemption will be applicable only for treatments that aim at the 'medical care' of patients ( and as such included in the Belgian INAMI nomenclature). In the absence of such a target, 21 % VAT will be applied. Read Terms and Disclaimer booking policy.