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Opus Clinic BreastPlan


    • "What a lovely and well educated doctor we have had, with full attention on the whole as a human being..Dr Rebin takes all his time, to explain all aspects..even if his waiting room is full. and illustrates ..what can be done and how..he does not oversell or...


      Pushes us in a direction. I also brought my friend for a Tummy Tuck evaluation..and treated her with the same respect. I have found my clinic of choice..and going to make arrangemnets now for my procedure..

      Our first impression was excellent, ..clean neat friendly and very professional staff and doctor. very knowledgeable indeed..They have won local consumer prices, but do not brag about it..

      Good doctor are always busy.."


      by Riz UK – 15 Oct 2016


    • "When I arrived at the clinic I met the Doctor almost immediately. He explained that he was not like most other surgeons, he liked to listen to his clients viewpoints and what they would like to achieve . He was very nice and quickly put me at ease.


      We started by having a talk about what I would like to achieve, and then planned it out. The planning felt a little bit rushed, but he seemed to cover everything. Before we started planning out, he introduced me to his staff, they were very polite and

      accommodating. The surgery went well, and I was very happy with how it all went. Once I got back to my hotel room I did notice something almost immediately that was overlooked, a missed opportunity if you like. I had a BBL type procedure and the missed opportunity was the failure to harvest the fat from where the top of the back of the legs, meets the buttocks. I mentioned this in correspondence with the staff the next day, they said that perhaps it could be done another time. I will go back to have this done as it will make a huge difference in achieving a really pert well rounded 'C' shaped pair of buttocks. I'm hopeful that with the doctors previous statement of being "different to most other surgeons", that this will be done at no extra cost, as really it should have been done the first time, and it does now mean that I have to go to all the expense, time and travelling again from the UK to Maaseik in Belgium. Still, overall I am very happy with how I was treated. It was just that one oversight that made it all a little frustrating. I would not hesitate to recommend this surgeon or the Opus clinic. I will happily return to be finished.

      The clinic was in a nice area, and not hard to locate. The clinic was clean and the staff were very nice, warm and friendly, as was the Doctor."

      Miss Cindy Janssen
      responded to this review:

      Dear Christopher, we are very pleased for you that you sustained the procedure without any complications and had a comfortable smooth ride. You attitude as a patient was also very pleasant, very polite indeed. As stated before Dr Rebin, always goes the extra mile for his patients, and will certainly like to follow you up at no extra cost..Primarily is about getting top esthetic results. Fat Transfer Surgery in experienced hands indeed give GREAT RESULTS ..Thanks again.and wishing you an eventful recovery period..Kindest regards, Team OPUS CLINIC..Lieve, Dorien and Cindy


      by Christopher Margate in Kent – 01 Oct 2016


    • "Hi Dr.Rebin,
      I hope you are well and rested after your weekend. Thank you for doing such s wonderful job in surgery on me. I'm well and had a good sleep last night. I awoke absolutely drenched in sweat so I think I turned a corner.


      Yesterday was really rough for me. I was in my own hell.
      I have a stitch in my left nipple that has been pinching me at odd times and I thought it could be the tape so I removed the padding and it is better now. My skin on my breast is very sensitive to the adhesive of the bandages and I had a blister on each breast form above the nipple where the most gravity pull is and it just melted layers of my skin off. So that is another reason I took the padding off this morning. I did it gently soaking the material in coconut oil which helps dissolve the glue and soothe the skin at the same time. My girls were so swollen yesterday I had a cry because my tits were ginormous and I have been praying they come down and they have but still need to shrink more.
      My belly feels fine but the bruising on my back is a tad bothersome. But I manage. I am a very fast healer.

      Anyway I thought you might like an update and to hear that you are brilliant and very talented I just hope you get downtime so you don't work yourself into the ground. Please offer my thanks and gratitude to your lovely staff. I do not know their names and would have liked to thank them personally. Their care was excellent and they are very efficient. It must be a tough job seeing all that blood and guts all day and not getting much thanks but a huge big mess to clean up afterwards. So here's a big bless you to you and your team."


      by Myriam Belgium – 18 Sep 2016


    • "Very pleasant experience" I visited this clinic today for Botox injections and I had to let you all know that it was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had at a doctors office. The front staff, Sarah in particular, were extremely helpful and courteous.


      I was in and out in approximately 15 minutes, and did not feel rushed, but felt that I was important and an individual. I find a positive experience such as this, unfortunately, rarely happens in doctors offices, especially when it is for a discounted service.

      Thank you for making my appointment a pleasure and I would highly recommend your clinic to anyone who asks.


      by merchant790412 – 10/26/14


    • "Best place in town to get Botox" The Opus Clinic is offering Botox at a very competitive price, with lots of experience and excellent patient satisfaction. It is truly a one-stop place for all of your cosmetic needs. They also offer other fine face services such as Juvederm fillers, microdemabrasion, face peels, eye lash growers and much more! I have only heard great things about the Opus Clinic.



      by charmgirl – 10/24/13


    • "Love my BOTOX!!!!" Thank you Dr. Rebin for allowing me to do Botox for the first time. I have always wanted to try it but the cost was too much for me to justify for trying something new. Because of the price point, I was able to try it.


      Dr. Rebin was very gentle and explained everything that I needed to know.

      Now I see why people are so crazy about Botox. My lines are almost gone after just one visit.

      I can not say thank you enough to the staff and Doctors for treating me so well.

      I would definitely go back and recommend this office to others.


      by peachgal – 09/26/13


    • "Anti ageing help" Fat seems to come hand in hand with ageing. I came in to do a spot check on my abs and thighs. I have had lipo in the past but the technology has really changed. I had just a wee bit of bruising but nothing like the literal "beating" I had in the past.


      The best part, no anesthesia, which I consider poison. I also found a doctor that will help with the latest anti ageing therapies. Hey,the office staff are on the ball as well. They tell it is with wisdom and wit.

      5 out of 5 stars Vaginal Rejuvenation

      Dr Rebin Nath is very experienced and has performed over 15,000 BBL procedures to women. Mainly in Europe and Belgium. Ladies, he knows what he's doing!!!! Only downside is the price but i think that's based on his experience.

      Vaginal Rejuvenation Super Tight Vagina

      1 Vaginal Rejuvenation 2 Brazilian Butt Lift 3 Vaser Lipo Sculpturing -

      Expect to Be Tighter

      I have spoke with Cindy (patient coordinator) and she was pretty easy to talk to. We arranged a face time consultation for same day. The doctor was 1h late for the consultation, but I understand sometimes things go out of schedule, and doctors run late. Ok, Dr. rebin was straight to the point. First he only spoke... he told me EVERYTHING about the surgery. At the end, I had almost nothing to ask! Pretty straight forward! He showed me a plastic vagina, explained where the procedure would be performed.


      by JoBest – 07/25/13


    • "Water Lipo" This is three weeks now since I had my water lipo procedure and I must say it was an extremely pleasant and rewarding experience. Dr Rebin , Julie and Christel are very friendly, professional and kind! From my consultation visit to the day of the actual procedure...


      I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. As with any procedure, there was some apprehension, but I got through it with the encouragement of Julie and Christel. Everything they told me to do, before and after the procedure, I did and I had not problems at all. As a matter of fact I did not take the Xanax on the day of the procedure and drove myself home afterwards. After a few days, i notice that the fatty areas in my back had already began to smooth out and even though I still have some swelling, I have lost about an inch from my waistline. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is thinking of liposuction. It is definitely not as invasive and the recovery time is much shorter. Overall I am very happy and I can’t wait to see my new body in 6 months.


      by lahami – 05/17/12


    • "Awesome Results” It has been two weeks since I’ve had Lipo. I am very pleased with my results and I am still a little swollen. I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling when I left the office. The staff is great!!! They make you feel like they really care and that’s always important. I love my results! THANK YOU Opus Clinic!!!!



      by millerrenata – 04/09/11


    • "Best of the best" I had liposuction done about 3 months with Dr. Rebin. I`ve wanted to have liposuction for about 5 years now, but I was very scared to put my body in hands of a stranger. I swore if I ever did it I would get the best of the best...


      I believe I found that in Dr. Rebin. He is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who was able to give me a body of my dreams. I have curvs now, something I`ve always dreamed of. I feel very sexy and beaultiful! I am very thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      by vivimarlo – 04/09/11


    • "Must say that I'm very pleased with the chin contouring done by Dr rebin..very professional. Thank U.
      Very professionally done in Belgium Maaseik center in a ISI private Hospital.


      Staff was very friendly.. Travelling to the Hospital was easy.. with a fly into Brussels Internal and smooth connecting train. With at least 2 top hotels to choose from on 5 minutes walking distance.. people are very helpful in a typical highly cultured western country.

      "So Glad I made this choice" High quality for good value..and felt safe throughout the process"


      by Lisa UK – 09/01/2017


    • "Liposuction on various areas Excellent"

      Miss Cindy Janssen responded to this review:
      We are very pleased and grateful, Cindy Janssen Patient Care



      by Sharon UK – 24/ Oct /2016


    • "I had liposuction yesterday I feel great today and my stomach is flat Even though I still have swelling Can't wait to see the results in a few weeks


      Great I was well informed Looked after well"


      by Belgium – 22/ Oct /2016


    • "I had Labiaplasty surgery after years of being paranoid, but having recently split with my long term partner, I found it difficult to get intimate with someone new because of how I felt. I researched clinics for months and found several I was prepared to...


      have the treatment with, but Dr Rebin stood out from the very beginning; informative answers, quick responses, and a caring nature that shone through. The price of the surgery was more than reasonable and amazing value for money given that the same procedure is 4 times as much, if not more, over here in the UK. I would recommend him to anyone I ever speak to about this. He has over 20 years experience as a surgeon, he has even practiced in the UK for several years.

      From my initial email, right the way through to dropping me at the airport, this clinic and Dr Rebin was amazing! I cannot fault a single thing throughout the whole experience. He responded to my emails right away, gave me more than enough useful information in relation to the procedure and how to travel there from the UK. He even came to collect me from the train station. He instantly made me feel at ease, and talked at length to me about what the procedure would be, and how he would do it etc. During the procedure I was completely at ease. The clinic is immaculate with top of the range facilities. It was more than clean, and had all the finishing touches of towelling robes and slippers - sometimes its the smaller details that count. The procedure was better than I could have ever expected. He continually asked if I was ok, and if I was relaxed, which I was throughout the whole thing. At no point did I feel uncomfortable and always felt I was in the hands of an expert, with over 20 years experience. He went above and beyond to ensure that everything was 100% so that I would have no complications after the surgery, patiently ensuring that all blood vessels were coagulated and stitches were in place. Once finished, he even took me to the station so I could make my way home. I didn't feel much pain at all, I didn't even feel the need to take paracetamol or find any difficulty with walking around and moving. I am so so so so happy with the results! It will be a week tomorrow since I had the procedure so it is still a little swollen and not fully healed but I have had no issues whatsoever. It is sometimes a tad uncomfortable, id be lying if I said it wasn't, but no where near what I expected it to be like and nothing that you cannot cope with. I went to work on the Monday with no problems...I even went out on the Saturday night and didn't feel pain at any point. I have been wanting to have this done for so many years, researching clinics all over Europe, and I am so glad that I have finally done it, and will be eternally grateful to Dr Rebin for making the whole experience, and my first cosmetic procedure, faultless. I cannot recommend him enough!!!"


      by Ms. Johnston – 11/04/15


    • "Thank you dr , I am really sorry for asking a lot I jus have a small question that I couldn't ask after surgery. How many litters were removed from my body ??


      Approx 4 liter I just want to thank you , I am very satisfied with my body . After almost month and half ???? ( the surgery , healthy diet , gym ) , I lost many kgs ( from 96 to 82 )"


      by Qaesam Belgium – 15/5/2016


    • "I was very scared but I felt at ease, the surgeon and sister were great. I was shocked I was awake for the surgery, sedated but was awake with a sheet over so I couldn't see. Incredible how fast it's...


      done, tiny scars, very bruised and swollen to be expected. But all in all I am over the moon. I would go there again and plan to next year for a tuck. Staff lovely very helpful"

      Total Amount Paid €2,400


      by Amanda UK – 18/ Sep /2016


As the swelling goes down each day, I see my perfect breast, just as I had envisioned.


reviews 46 recommendations

"The clinic is very nice and clean, helpful nurses and I could always count on somebody to help me when I needed it. Very competitive prices in comparison to other clinics in Belgium.."

"I cannot recognise myself in the mirror!"

Treatment Received:

Breast Implants

Reviewed 05 Nov 2015 Review verified by phone and email.

"I am so happy with the results, I was thinking of breast implants for a long time but never has the courage...Although is not 4 months after surgery yet and there's still some swelling I cannot recognise myself in the mirror!
The whole team was extremely professional; Dr Rebin was amazing and I felt taken care of from the beginning to the end, although I was very nervous about the surgery.

Kerry-Ann UK

"Go for it, you are in safe hands here, especially for Breast Implants"

Treatment Received:

Breast Implants

Reviewed 06 Sep 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.

"I went over for breast surgery in April. The staff were lovely and very professional, the clinic is immaculately clean. I was extremely nervous and anxious about treatment abroad but they are so comforting and the surgeon Dr. Rebin is a delightfully friendly man. I am very pleased with my results and I will hope to be back when I save money for Vaginal rejuvanation Go for it, you are in safe hands."

Mrs UK

"I feel great and my Tummy Tuck has changed my life"

Treatment Received:

Tummy Tuck

Review verified by phone and email.

"I had a tummy tuck in July 16 with clinic for you, best thing I have ever done.
The staff were all amazing and friendly felt like a big family.
The surgeon was fantastic made me feel at ease because I was so nervous.
The English speaking staff with the care package was amazing they are so helpful.
I feel great and the experience has changed my life. Thanks to everyone.

The clinic was warm and friendly. Very clean all the staff down to the cleaners to the nurses up to the English speaking reps to the surgeon were all fantastic. Having a TT I thought I would be in bed all night after, but no I was up walking around??


"I am a happy patient and I would visit this clinic again"

Treatment Received:

  • Liposuction
  • Full Abdominoplasty
  • Tummy Tuck

Reviewed 21 Jul 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.

"I had a full abdominoplasty with liposuction. Tummy tuck and lipo of the love handles (flanks), abdomen and pubis area. The cost was good compared to the other prices around the world. The surgery seems to have been performed well. I think that the surgeon is conscientious and realistic with what he says can be achieved. I would recommend going for this surgery here if you are fully informed about the risks, the procedure and the recovery.

The clinic itself is clean and the work they have done on my abdomen is good, it is major surgery and you can expect to be unable to do anything you are used to doing for weeks at least. Overall I am a happy patient and I would visit this clinic again."

Kirsty UK

"I wish I’d done it sooner!"

Treatment Received:


Reviewed 05 Jul 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.

"I had a labiaplasty performed in February due to years of discomfort and and the negative effect on my confidence. It is now July and everything has fully healed and I could not be happier with the results. I often forget that I have had surgery as everything looks so natural and I never feel any discomfort walking or sitting like I used to. I wish I’d done it sooner!

The healing process was very quick and simple with no complications. The only pain I experienced was for a few hours after the procedure but the nurse gave me painkillers which helped completely.

The staff are so friendly and helpful. Cindy, the co-ordinator, answered all of my questions prior to travelling over for the procedure and Dr Rebin was so helpful and patient with me as I was quite nervous at the beginning of the procedure.

Overall, I would highly recommend this clinic."

was so helpful and patient with me as I was quite nervous at the beginning of the procedure.