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Umbilicoplasty New Belly Button

Belly ButtonUmbilicoplasty Plastic Surgery
sculpts, tightens, and contours the umbilicus or belly button

Why Do I Have a Belly Button?

The umbilicus or belly button is the scar from the umbilical cord that nurtured you while in your mother’s womb. This pit or depression is an attachment of your skin to the underlying muscle fascia or covering sheath of the muscles.

What is a Belly Button?

The divided cord scar typically forms a cavity or “innie” configuration. A projecting structure is often called an “outie.” Many seem to prefer an “innie” instead of an “outie.”

Four Flaps Technique for Neo-umbilicoplasty

The absence or disfigurement of the umbilicus is both cosmetically and psychologically distressing to patients. The goal of aesthetically pleasing umbilical reconstruction is to create a neoumbilicus with sufficient depth and good morphology, with natural-looking superior hooding and minimal scarring. Although many reports have presented techniques for creating new and attractive umbilici, we developed a technique that we term the “four flaps technique” for creating a neoumbilicus in circumstances such as the congenital absence of the umbilicus or the lack of remaining umbilical tissue following the excision of a hypertrophic or scarred umbilicus. This method uses the neighboring tissue by simply elevating four flaps and can yield sufficient depth and an aesthetically pleasing shape with appropriate superior hooding.

Office procedure

Neo belly button can be done as a daycase under local anaesthetic. It takes about an hour. Afterwards your stay for observation and once your checks are fine you may go home. No pain, as the VAd marcaine pain control is sufficient for the hours afterwards. Paracetamol tabs until the next morning is allowed.

Dissolvable stitches

Stitches will dissolve, no strenuous exercises..local hygiene with water showers and scarban oil will be prescribed.

Prices in our Belgian Surgery centre start at 1850 Euro, complete with aftercare consultations.

London office prices are 3x higher in Sterling GBP

Evaluation can be done by encrypted servers; send your photo today to Cindy Janssen | International Patient Coordinator or by email at

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